Sunday , July 25 2021

Teb's 4th Customer Experience Day was held in Istanbul

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) holds its 4th Customer Experience Day this year.

According to a statement made by the bank, the experience of customers from consumers with companies in the current conditions of competition is one of the most important problems for the company. Every day, new ones are added to conferences and events in this field, and TEB, which is a leader in customer experience, hosts the 4th Customer Experience Day in Istanbul this year.

Today's Customer Experience, attended by different industry representatives, focuses on transforming customer experience in the digital age, benefiting from large data, new dimensions of user experience, vacation experience, perceptions and reality, and the use of artificial intelligence in customer experience management services.

"We enhance our customer experience using digital power"

Giving a view of the statement, Gökhan Mendi, Senior Vice-President of Executive Banking and Private Banking, stated that the people who determine the value and image of the company are people and state that they set their goals as TEB to provide a very good experience to users.

Mendi said that they implemented a customer experience strategy for this purpose. expression used.

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