Thursday , June 17 2021

Terrible statement … The teams were acting … Full 20 tons

Cerkezkoy nun on the old road in Istanbul, the location of Kuşbahçe in waste bags emitted into the environment, the authorities report the situation of the authorities. It has been found that there are dusts that are claimed to be chemical wastes in 29 sacks, which are about 20 tons. Zerkezköy district governor Atilla Selami Abban, the area where the site was located and the provincial gendarmerie command and the provincial environment and urban planning directorate sent teams. Samples were taken from the Abban waste, indicating that the samples were taken:


"The commander of the district gendarmerie was informed of the necessary work before the gendarmerie district commander, giving the necessary instructions for the work he needed. Laboratory samples were taken to determine whether the waste was environmentally harmful.


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