Friday , March 31 2023

Tesla put the microchip under his skin


Amie DD, a biohacking enthusiast who adapts technology products to her body, shared a video showing all stages of the process on social media.

Amie DD has installed all the features of an electronic key with a credit card size belonging to a Tesla Model 3 car to a microchip chip used in mobile phones. The xNT NFC chip, then coated with organic glass and measuring only 12 mm in size, was placed under the skin of Amie DD's right wrist by a tattoo master.

However, this process raised some questions. Internet viewers commented on whether or not it was necessary. As someone who carries their cellphone with them but forgets their car card at home, they can open the car with the chip inside the device.


The application of battery-free RFID chips containing a micro antenna to employees of a company called Epicenter in Stockholm, Sweden has been the subject of controversy.

In August 2013, artist Anthony Antonelis paved the way for recording and storing artwork on his smartphone with an RFID chip that he placed inside his hand.

In 2014, however, it is debated whether microchips are a treacherous social control plan called a life-saving invention, such as the presence of missing children.

Tesla put the microchip under his skin

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