Saturday , February 4 2023

The allegation of a bomb for Reza Zarab: A rape friend of the rape


Fazi Jaber, who shared the same ward in Metropolitan Prison for a while at the Southern Federal Court of New York, is currently being tried in connection with sexual harassment and rape.


Shlomo Hugler, who accepted Zarab's request to withdraw the case against him, asked Jaber to turn back to court, or else he would decide to dismiss the case. Jaber did not give up his case against Zarab. Jaber, who filed a new lawsuit within the prescribed time limit, asked the court to file the Prosecutor's Report with the jury against the trial and pay compensation for all non-pecuniary damage.


Jaber argued that Zarab repeatedly sexually harassed him twice in his new petition. The 63-year-old Cott d 'Ivoire Jaber, Manhattan, shared his torture department, saying that the elderly and severe cancer patients, the 35-year-old, say that one can not stand. Jaber, after his unfortunate incidents, his professional, personal reputation and career were damaged, mentally damaged said. Jaber asked Zarrab to compensate for all monetary or economic damages, as well as to pay lawyers' fees in the case.


Recently, Zarab and Jaber's lawyers gathered. He agreed to give Zarab extra time to prepare the case against the case against him. According to the agreement signed by lawyers, the former escort of Zarab, Jaber, sexual harassment and rape are against the latter until February 13th to present the court.

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