Tuesday , March 21 2023

The assassination of the chairman of the presidency of communications


Özay Şendir was a guest of the Fine Tuning program on TV100 screens. Contact Okan directlyChairman of the Presidency of the Communication Contact Fahrettin directly and asked his wife for 4 pay. Okan Bayulgen, defending his reputation as a claim killer, tried to be discredited and lonely for 2 years, he said.

Presidential Communications President Fahretin Alton and his wife recently received a double-payment request. Altun and his wife to him giggleCHP responded to Özgür Özel. This discussion was also discussed in the Fine Tuning program on tv100 screens.

Josai Shendir asked Okan Bayulgen, who is a guest, on the matter. The Bayülgen arrow, recalling that he tried to discredit for 2 years, despite killing, still subjected Reputation to opening a theater in Turkey, said he was a partner.

"So that kind of discredit can happen to the messenger. I don't know the exact story, but I even see his rebellion in a tweet in such an important position. I have an identity. What happens to me is what happens to him . I'm an artist. Contact the president incident, but in a way, this man. In a very important position, the person in charge of communication in Turkey. "

"I give it to my own manager"

Bayülgen, "There's a story about mentioning a paycheck. I wonder what the paycheck is … I'm giving this paycheck to my own manager. Here's one guy who killed this reputation and this guy himself. So the president of communication might be someone in The legs of this position. Maybe it's not just the attitude of the opposition. I think it's a job. I'm sorry for the country.

"I am VERY sensitive to this reputation"

Expressing the reputation of a murder is worse than Baiulgen's death, "Let's discredit each other. I don't know the topic, the topic of journalists. The topic of a government official, if you followed the auction as a position, we would talk about his salary, no. is sensitive to the killing of that reputation. whether the opposition becomes sensitive. I would like to invite journalists to consider the issue, "he said.

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