Friday , July 19 2019
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The asteroid is at the same distance from some satellites

It has been found that an asteroid is the world's largest deep-sea shark, with the same distance as some satellites circling the Earth.

On Thursday, an asteroid was found that was moving to the depths of space and found to be at the same distance from Earth as some satellites. It is believed that the 7-meter size, understood as a van, van or the largest live Deep Blue shark, has the same dimensions.

The asteroid 2019 JH7, approaching our planet, was first discovered by astronomers on Tuesday. Two days later, it was discovered that he had passed a distance of about 75,500 kilometers to our planet. This distance is the same as the distance of some satellites, such as the Magnetosphere Multi-storey, which is in orbit around the Earth.


NASA Disaster Scenario: What if the 260-meter Asteroid strikes the Earth?

2019 JH7 is the heavenly stone with the fifth lowest trail closest to Earth that has been observed so far this year. The distance of 75,500 kilometers is a cosmic but still safe distance. The asteroid will probably be burned most of the time, even if it enters the atmosphere, most likely before landing.

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