Sunday , July 25 2021

The early final decision for Istanbul

Zalim's final in Istanbul was resolved by Channel D, who recently won a great response to the virgin scene.

Where summer will go on

The first 4 episodes of the rating race, like the urukur and the Söz, who have managed to deal with the ambitious Zalim Istanbul series will continue in the summer, the final decision of the season came.

He learned to give screens on May 27th

Channel D, which has begun to appear on the screen and the serials sector has made a quick start to the challenging Zalim Istanbul series, was decided on. With the participation of Fikret Kushkan, Denise Ugur, Mina Tugai, Bahar Sahin's and Idris Nesbi Taskan's directories on May 27th learned to break the screen.

It was expected to finish the 12th

The show, which is now 4 episodes and is expected to be on Channel D in the summer, met with the audience on April 1. He had to make the final of the season at the 12th week of the series.

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