Monday , September 26 2022

The famous businessman lost his life


An architect, Ferridun Alpat, founder of Denizli's industrial chamber and founder of the organized industrial zone, dies in Ankara.

Architect Ferridun Alpat (85), founder of the Industrialists' Chamber of Denizli and founder of the organized industrial zone, died in a hospital in Ankara.

Founder of Denizli's chairmanship, former DSO Assembly President, founder of Denizli's Organized Industrial Zone, 1 member of Denizli's Chamber of Architects and Ferdinand Alpat, the leading political name in Denizli, died in Ankara.

For some time Ferridun Alpat has been treated for his illness due to aging. At the age of 85, alive living eyes, a friend and friend of President Sulejman Demirel. The funeral of Ferdinand Alpat, who has been chairman of the Industrial Chamber for 20 years, will be buried in Denizli on Wednesday, February 6th.

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