Wednesday , June 16 2021

The first babies of Buse Varol and Alişan arrived

Singer Alishan and actress Buze Varrol, who began to live love on the set and married for a short time, entered the house of the world last year. The first babies of the couple were born today.

Babies come to the world

Buze Varrol, who shared with the social media after learning that she was pregnant, gave birth to Burak, who was the first Caesar baby. Alişan does not leave his wife alone at the birth of his baby born in a private hospital.


On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, at 10.19 am, Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Furkan Kayabaşoğlu. Buse Varol's physician made the following statement: "Alican and baby Buze Varrol have 4 thousand 265 grams born, and the baby and mother's health is very good.

"The Last Day I wrote"

Buse Varol and Alice's Pairs of Babies to Deliver the Concept of a Pillow of Elephant Concept. Buze Varrol, who went to caesarean section because of her baby's weight, thanked her supporter for her invasive profile this morning. Varrol said, "Today is the last day of my awakening as a pregnant woman.


You gave me incredible support in everything, my best friend, my most trusted face, my confidant, your companion. And I'm sure that when Burak was in my belly, he felt his strong connection to the end. And he grew happily every day. This is the most important thing in pregnancy. God gave me the greatest gift in life. Today we are reborn, dear, love is born new love. I hope we will now enjoy a real family. I love you so much. Two people are leaving our house and the curiosity of turning three people has already moved me. There are a million good things to write, but I want to keep some of them after birth. My last word is that you …

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