Friday , May 20 2022

The first party: Kolarov and Rodriguez … – Fenerbahce News


Opening the new season with new hopes and preparation to build the squad off the squadron Fenerbahcedoes not cut gas in reinforcement works. First, the transfer of 4 players is over, now is the remaining 4 'lü. Max Cruz, Emre Belozoglu, Allahahar and Murat Saklam wind transfer, Konoplianka, Kolarov, Rodriguez and will continue with Face. Fans also expect these stars. The plan is to explain Rodriguez and Kolarov to the first party.

Kolarov decided the business

Kolarov, who spoke with the Roma Club and said he had agreed with Fenerbahce, sent the message, "Leave me alone. Yellow-Lacivertliler, the Serbian left-back agreement with everything, a 3-year contract will be signed. With this move, Hassan Ali is left to be fully secured. PDP is expected to be released soon.

Leases for 2 years

Rodriguez ended with a happy ending. Yellow-Lacivertliler, negotiating with Saudi Arabia's Al Ittihad team for the hiring formula, shakes hands for 2 years. The player also accepted Fenerbahce's annual offer. Both Kolarov and Rodriguez will soon take part in the Heel Plateau.

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