Saturday , June 12 2021

The images of the Galaxy S10 hit the audience!

Samsung new event days before the new models appear new images. galaxy S10 Video of the series today YouTube. Also posted. Galaxy S10 series plus models reported detailed a view that's what makes us. New pictures of the Galaxy S10 should follow affect!

The photos of the Galaxy S10 contain curious details!

mobile F images posted by much interesting it also contains some details. Let me share with you one of these interesting details. Claims for Galaxy S10 Plus Fingerprint reader on screen was that it would have been. A phone with a fingerprint scanner Screen Defender How does it work when placed? For them measures taken In the video.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price, Galaxy s10 images

Actually here clone the screensaver Precautions not to hang, not by Samsung accessories manufacturers taken from. As you will see in the next video, the screensaver is connected to the Galaxy S10 Plus in the middle of hole It contains. Yes, this is a fact because the eye is very uncomfortable.

Present fingerprints on the screen two different working principles based on one. Other models If the screen saver does not cause a problem, the Galaxy S10 Ultrasonic type fingerprint reader, with some mistakes can react. However, S10e model, fingerprint reader power key is expected to contain. If you like it now, uploaded by Mobile Fun to this video Let's look.

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