Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Kemalist is broken


With a special edition of his latest 1881 book, Yilmaz Ozdil, who has created millions in Ataturk trade, did not hesitate to break the true ataturk. Ozdil, who criticizes criticism of him as the most horrific and most organized and organized social media attack seen in the history of the republic, comes out of the social media.


forYılmaz Özdil, who continues to sell books by awarding him over Tatry, continues to respond to social media. The 1881 birth anniversary of Oswal's Ataturk, dedicated to the 1881 copy of the book published by £ 2,000,500 by angry citizens, sold £ 4,000,000,000,000 of papers to the reaction of Oddilin's kaymalist to react of the material for abuse.

Critique ET while insulting

Ozdil did not hesitate to insult those who criticized those who wanted to abuse the sensitivity of those who loved Ataturk.
"I would like to thank Red Kedi Publishing House, all the colleagues who work here and especially the Kemalists, the patrons who have protected us from those who did not leave us alone, which kept us from the most disgusting, planned and an organized social media attack observed in the history of the Republic. " the use of Ataturk as an easy way to make money material indignant users of social media.
Oudit social media from the social circles of citizens, "I give you the money, I will give you a dream of grief now," he said.


High School Student Ata Mollaoglu, Yilmaz Ozdilin "Mustafa Kemal" from the special edition of the book "2,000,500 pounds to show the sale of saved money to buy a computer to buy 57" "Noutuk" and free for citizens. Mayor Menderes Bülent Soylu, who was aware of this behavior of Mollaoğlu, said bilgisayar I was proud of this behavior of a young man like Kemalç. These young people will always go further, "he said.

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