Wednesday , June 16 2021

The kiss did that! "We will not live, let go, let's know when we die"

Ecrin Aydin, allegedly, at the age of 40, when one of the guests came to the house as a result of a "pneumococcal" virus. The virus also causes meningitis. Ecrin Aydın, who had 3 operations and returned from death, was severely disabled. Ekrin Aydin, who could not walk, could not speak, began to move, albeit limited, under the influence of his treatment.

"I do not know I was one."

Bilnur Aydin, 40 days of his daughter to go home to see a baby, has come to the face of a hundred percent of people with disabilities, he said. Aydin, "My daughter who does not know who our guests are in the mouth of a person who has a cold or a pneumococcal virus" as a result of the kiss.


Bilnur Ayden stood three times, showing that his daughter's heart "afterwards" does not live, "he said, but now even doctors are surprised that Ekrin has finished the last version, and we have made very good progress. Last year, physical therapy continued, and we could do physiotherapy with the support we received later, which was not a precursor to the surgery, which was very positive for our lives.

"We will give the news But we are still

Bilnur Aidin, who said that they spent a lot of time working with his wife to keep his daughter alive, "My daughter will never live, let go when you die," and now I told this kid with me and this year we will celebrate 10th anniversary, he said.

"I'm home"

Secondary school and high school student Billur Aidin, who sells food at home through social media, contributes to the treatment of her daughter, and the municipality also supports the worker who is his wife, he said. Anna Aydin, "I sell and sell food according to my orders, usually sold with leaves, noodles, tarhana and jams, and I pay for the treatment of my child with money here because the physical therapy we usually take is not enough. trying to add something to her. "My wife is a minimal wage worker because one salary is not being treated," he said.


Ekrin Aidin Neurological Doctor Zeynep Seleen Karalok said Ekrin was treated with a diagnosis of "cerebral palsy" as a result of meningitis at the age of 1.5 months.

"The cause of meningitis is pneumococcal bacteria, the patient is traced to our department of severe disability, there are periods of epilepsy and resistance from time to time and there are many problems, they are very vulnerable to infections, especially in the first months, and if they are close contact with the baby, especially if they have a disease like an upper respiratory tract infection, this microbe is transmitted to the baby, and then it can cause inflammation of the brain and leave the child in a disability, and this is not a 100% treatment for such diseases.

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