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The largest heroin operation in the history of the republic


28.1.2019 00:01:05

According to a written statement by Erzurum Governor's Office, the Provincial Directorate of the Anti-Drug Unit, 24 January, as part of the work to prevent drug trafficking and transport, the city with the Istanbul plate. stopped the truck and searched.

In search, in the search made in the secret compartments called zula on the truck platform, a total of 25,000 834 pieces hidden among the marble stones used in the construction of 17 large sacks and in the construction of iron 1 ton 535 kilograms of heroin He is detained. The driver is detained by the police in Erzurum.

After capturing the drug in a truck that is scheduled to go to Iran and go to Istanbul, a drug-detection study to be delivered to Istanbul began.

As a result of the studies, the leader of the drug smuggling organization M.Z.F. with organizers HK and S.Ö. He was captured in Istanbul. The SÖ & # 39; vehicle search tool for the € 27,000 and € 800 and € 100 was assessed as a crime revenue.

In the course of the same operation, the demand for a logistics company also found heroin with the same characteristics as the drug caught in the truck.

According to the statement, three people suspected of drug trafficking in Istanbul were detained and the Interior Ministry from a private plane fetched to Erzurum were recorded.

In accordance with Article 188 of the Turkish Criminal Code, a lawsuit was instituted against suspects in charge of "Uy Drug Production and Transportation".


It was claimed that the operation was confiscated in Erzurum, and after the urgent follow-up of the drug dealers, special police officers and a drug detector dog called uyuşturucu flirtatious en were executed.

The Republic's successful operation in the history of the largest police detained in the history of the police, which captured the largest amount of heroin in the police support operation of the flirting raccoon heroin in this operation, was taught that records broke the heroin record.

The last operation of 535 kilos of heroin to support the capture of kapkın, Erzincan, 1 ton of 271 pounds of heroin to capture Odin, developed the record of the dog for narcotic detectors.

The governor's office distributed images to the press, including filming the operation.

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