Wednesday , September 28 2022

The last situation in the dollar after the inflation data


Following the release of inflation data, the dollar and end-of-day data on the stock exchange are certain.

Due to the fact that inflation data is in line with expectations of 1.0-1.1%, there was no significant impact on the markets, and the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) index kept its horizontal movement during the day after watching the lowest 101K a decrease of 0.66, 102 thousand ended at 255 points.

The BIST Banking Index fell 0.68 percent to 135 thousand 996 points.

On the bond market, 10-year benchmark bonds remained unchanged at 14.35%, while the two-year bond rate rose 0.33% to 18.40%.

Transactions at the end of the day;

– 5,2070 dollars per kilogram and the highest 5,2425 pounds after seeing 5.22 and 5.23 pounds in the range,

– in the range 5.97 – 5.98 pounds after the euro saw the lowest 5.9575 pounds and the highest 6.0034 pounds,

– GBP 6,8333 pounds and the highest value after 6.8564 pounds, 6.82 – 6.83 pounds traded in the range.

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