Tuesday , August 16 2022

The new news about Aisee's death has come! A stunning Michael Jackson detail has emerged …


Anesthetic technician Aise Karaman was found dead on Monday by his married boyfriend, doctor Ö.T. (46), in the kaankaya Dikmen quarter. The testimony of police and the prosecutor, a doctor who claims to have found Karaman's body when he returned home, has been arrested on a charge of "murder" for contradictory allegations.

According to the information received at the last minute, the prosecutor investigated the accident, the young girl next to the bed on a bed of 1 20 millimeter propofol bed, 1 20 empty used injector, 1 20 millimeter propofol injector within 20, 10 10 millimeters found in the injector containing 7 millimeters of propofol. The drug's relationship with world-renowned pop star Michael Jackson, who lost his life 10 years ago, was also revealed, with father Adem Karaman explaining at the last minute.

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