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The new weapon to fight cancer: blood tests


Member of the Board of the Turkish Medical Oncological Association Medical oncologist Professor Dr. Contact directly with ÖzlemIn the last 10 years, physical and tumor-specific therapies marking can be done both in the world and Turkey, "a tissue biopsy test can be performed, the test can be used for blood to determine the last 2-3 years to treat cancer. Cancer cellschanges in blood may be detected. Target therapies developed against these changes can be individually planned. "

Professor Dr. Er, World Cancer Day, therefore the AA correspondent stated in a statement that normal cancer cells called mutational changes due to the accumulation of damage are defined as development and uncontrolled proliferation.

Different chemicals, such as some viruses or bacteria through the environmental impact of creating cancer in the body of all genetic changes that occur in the cells of the body, indicating that the hereditary transition of air, both hereditary and environmental factors can there are discoverable changes that can be detected, he said.

Er, "Every year about 18 million new cancer patients get cancer, and cancer numbers have grown in proportion to population growth and aging over the years." According to an increase in the global population and an aging population in 2025, a total of 19.3 millions of new cancer cases among the world's second-largest cause of death, cancer-related deaths in second place after heart and vascular disease, despite the predictions, cancer will take first place 20 years later, "he said.

"Capturing approximately 97,000 male cancers every year in Turkey"

Approximately 70% of the deaths in low and middle income countries expressing Er, "The causes of cancer death, obesity, low consumption of fruit and vegetables, still-life, smoking and alcohol use are the most important risk factor for cancer. 22% of these deaths are responsible for hepatitis and HPV, 25% of cancer in low- and middle-income countries are responsible, he said.

In low-income countries, patients admitted to a more advanced physician and diagnosis and treatment options are inadequate, Er Erin continues:

"An assessment conducted in 2017 in the center depends on the state of the pathology services in that country is found to be at 26 percent of the time. Access to treatment at 30 percent is around the level of low incomes while in the countries with high yields of over 90 percent In Turkey According to cancer statistics, about 97,000 men and 62,000 women have cancer each year, according to cancer statistics.

"Obesity epidemic seen in Turkey, one of the main reasons for the increase in cancer"

Specialist in medical oncology Dr. Özlem, the increase in cancer cases in Turkey, the elderly population, the population growth rate, both tobacco consumption and tobacco consumption, the obesity epidemic, have been expressed for reasons such as getting a lower- environmental importance and occupational carcinogens.

The Canadian Department of Health, Cancer Research to Reduce Stubborn Work, Air pointed out the following:

"Scientific organizations and non-governmental organizations are working to tackle tobacco control, poor nutrition and lifestyle habits, environmental factors and diseases that can cause cancer. Over the last 10 years, human and tumor-specific treatment methods have been performed both in the world and in our country simultaneously, as well as biopsy tests taken from the tissue and blood tests over the past 2-3 years to determine the treatment of cancer. Target therapies developed against these changes can be individually planned. "

"Personalized treatment offers more patient comfort"

Professor Dr. Özlem Er, also when a tumor tissue biopsy can not be performed, Blood test"To determine the suitability of immunotherapy with blood tests can be done again by pointing out" personalized treatment, high efficacy and side effects are less because the patient offers more comfort. Even with the same types of cancer at the molecular level and different treatments can be achieved in the treatment of different reactions, "he said.

With this method determining the genetic characteristics of the individual and the tumor, say that the most appropriate drug for the disease can be Er, also cancer cells, the molecular level can be obtained by looking at more than 50 results in terms of genetic changes "can be defined high treatment," – he said.

In particular, international guidelines, especially lung cancer, this test is proposed so that the characteristics of the tumor by determining the rate of the disease, the response to be applied to the treatment to be taken against the results can determined, according to the results of the treatment selection, he said.

"Work is in full swing"

Ozlem Er, thus avoiding unnecessary drug use, increases side effects and the economic burden of the load is expressed by expression, says:

With individual and tumor-specific treatment, appropriate treatments (smart medicines) and immunotherapy are appropriate, and the right patient is given the right treatment at the right time.

In the future, it is possible to determine disease progression early by serial blood tests to determine the efficacy and resistance of the patient's treatment at the time of diagnosis and during treatment. Studies on this topic continue in full swing. In blood samples, for example, lung cancer, in patients with an EGFR mutation, drug changes can be made by detecting different mutations (T790M) if resistance develops during targeted treatment. This will be possible in the near future for other cancers. "

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