Tuesday , March 21 2023

The teacher cast tears of joy when a mother found her son


The incident happened tonight on the shores of Konyaalti. Ophthalmologist Yakup Gunes, the teacher and his 3 Tekushin sun children came to the beach at noon. Rubar, one of the sunny couple's children who went out into the sea for some time, vanished at a time of concern. Although his family could not see Rubar for a while on the beach, he did not get any results. Upon notification of the family, a large number of police, rescue and coastguards were taken to the shoreline. The teams are looking for the coastline and the divers are looking at the sea.

Mother Tekuşin Güneş, who watched the quest in tears, hugging her two children and her husband Yakup Güneş, tried to calm herself. The little Rubar was discovered by the rescuers 2 kilometers from where it was said to have disappeared after about two hours of search.

Tears of sadness became joyful tears

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Rubar brought his family to the lap of the father of the savior, Jakup Gyunes. Tired of tears, Yakup took his son to his mother in his arms and handed them to Gunesh. Tears of sadness became tears of joy at the mother and son meeting, who huddled together for a long time. The meeting of mother and son led to moments of emotion.

After the event the crowd gladly applauded that his brother told Sarah Lorin: "I am very happy for my brother," he said. Sarah Lorin kissed his brother and embraced her mother and became a partner.

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