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The Toyota Supra is undergoing a nice transformation

Toyota Supra

Japanese car giant alive legend A Toyota Supra is coming, which will delight car lovers with the news.

Designed in collaboration with BMW, the model is specifically targeted at sports car enthusiasts. A 2020 model that attracts all the attention with its design and execution Toyota Suprahas an aggressive appearance. But everything we have about Supra is not so good. Manual gearbox, one of the common features sought in sports cars from past to present, even as an option in Supra This is not available. his 8-speed ZF gearbox, manual gearbox much better although most people dreamed of manual gear as a pleasure to drive. A company called European Auto Group will also create a Toyota Supra with ZF. to type manually getting ready to offer such a crazy service. The company is still working, ready for an average price of $ 12,000, to convert your vehicle into manual.


Details for Toyota Supra

The front of the Toyota Supra, which has a seating capacity of 2 people, offers a long design line. Toyota Supra welds BMW with a variable intake valve lift system 3.0 liters It comes with a turbo six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The new Supra with 335 hp accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour 4.1 seconds It can reach. An eight-speed automatic transmission is reached this time in the vehicle's adaptive variable-suspension system. Michelin Signed by Pilot Super Sports tires, the car has optional driving modes. Sport mode reverses traction and stability control, increases throttle response, sharpens sliding, puts more weight on the steering wheel, adjusts suspension and increases exhaust sound. above in two classes Available in: 3.0 and 3.0 Premium. The standard Supra has a 6.5-inch rotary-controlled display. It features first-class navigation, Apple CarPlay, a cordless phone charger and an audio system with 12 JBL speakers with an 8.8-inch touch screen.

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