Wednesday , February 1 2023

The UN Special Rapporteur spins Turkey's arrival for the murder


According to the information received, Saudi journalist Cassicchi, the international murder investigation, will be led by a special rapporteur, Callamard. Callamard, will begin January 28 to February 2 to visit Turkey in the international investigation.

The UN Special Rapporteur will report on the information he has received during the investigative process and on his advice to investigate at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in June.

On the other hand, tonight or a visit to Turkey is expected to be made a Callamard written statement tomorrow morning.

Foreign Minister Mevleth Cavusoglu stressed on Abel's agenda that he had carried out a very transparent process related to Kashkichi's murder and stressed the importance of finding those responsible for the murder.

Chawusoglu, saying that killing the international dimension to move in the direction of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave instructions, he shared information Callamard will visit Turkey at the end of this month.

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More than three months have passed since Saudi Arabia, Saudi journalist Gemal Kashkichi, was murdered on October 2, 2018 at the Istanbul Consulate General in Istanbul.

the most influential journalists in the Middle East are from the Washington Post writer Jamal Kaşıkçı, Saudi Arabian Consulate General in Istanbul and what happened after the murder in Turkey and maintains its place on the agenda of the international community.

Information on the time, where and how Kashkichy was killed in the 108 days of murder, but the subject of where the body is not yet clear.


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