Thursday , June 24 2021

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Cardiologist Dr. Nurtaç Ozer, the person who has no disruption in the life of the danger of concealed heart disease, draws attention to "Ways to protect against concealed heart attacks are the same as ways to protect against heart disease," he said.

Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death around the world. The heart attack occurs when the arterial wall plaques separate and block the blood flow to the heart. Samsun Büyük Hospital Specialist Anadolu Meydan Dr. Nurtak Özer informs the patient about the hidden heart disease that is life-threatening without any interference.

Providing information on the disease. Dr. Nurtaç Özer, "The most common symptoms of a heart attack, intense malaise, very fast heartbeat or uneven heartbeat, shortness of breath, heart is the result of insufficient chest pain in the blood." Chest pain may be accompanied by dizziness, darkening of the eyes , sudden sweating, nausea, body temperature and skin irritation, anxiety and irritability, and silent ischaemia is associated with significant stenosis of the coronary arteries, or "silent ischemia" due to the fact that there are no complaints and there are no symptoms for the doctor, sometimes some o plagings such as fatigue, indigestion and heart disease may be a symptom, such as pain, stiffness, burning and shortness of breath during exercise are signs of this. Patients diagnosed with occult heart disease require regular checkups and require the patient to give up smoking. It is also important to try to reduce the excess weight, if any.

He also talks about methods of treating and preventing the disease. Özer said:

"A heart attack usually occurs in a heart attack without the typical symptoms that we mentioned above, and can sometimes lead to death, usually in patients with diabetes and elderly patients." The way to protect against concealed heart attacks is the same as the way of protection against heart disease.

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