Wednesday , June 16 2021

Travel option Mars Traveler, unavailable

It works for long-lasting communication with Mars.

Prepare to say goodbye to the Opportunity tool. NASA recently announced that communication with Opportunity on Mars could not be established despite all attempts.

Dr. Tanya Harrison told Twitter that the latter had tried to communicate, but there was no shared response to the information. There seems to be no way to gain energy.


Opportunities for space cars sent to 90 days on Mars marked their 5000th day!

It is remarkable that in June 2018, during a sandstorm in the middle, the solar panels of the vehicle became unusable. The vehicle is then put into standby mode. We hope that the solar panels of the car will be able to meet their energy needs again.

However, the Mars traveler is also concerned about the possibility of mechanical damage. After the final trial, the formalities will be completed with an official statement and the Opportunity project will be postponed.


NASA's president announces plans to build a Moon base

Opportunity, the NASA Mars navigator, who has contributed to obtaining important information and acquiring new visualizations on Mars, actually continues its task. Then, active research on the Red Planet will continue with InSight.

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