Monday , June 14 2021

Turkey captured the first clip released with iPhone XS Max!

Connect directly with ezgi"Do you have solo women in the clip" February 1st to date Apple MusicWill be published. This video Turkey for the first time Using iPhone XS Max The video is being captured. Connect directly with Görkem and Connect directly with Cagla directed by arkadaşı My only women sailing film, Ezgi Yelen seven friends of different genres took the camera. The new generation of mobile camera technologies, the clip begins independently, sharing the songs of a female composer, composer and musician with music lovers who try to exist in the music market with their own efforts.

Clip is shot using iPhone XS Max!

Shooting was carried out in Kilus and Cadikoy. Only two LED lights, iPhone XS Max and Filmic Pro were used for shooting.

iPhone XS MaxiPhone XS Max

Caglar Caglar said the biggest reason we chose iPhone XS Max was to show that we can do a good job with low production. Compared with the machines, we have received the highest resolution, quality and light a phone can give

edit See All Arel's profileHis work has melodies of indie-pop and taste of rock songs from the 90's. Ezgi Yelen's acoustic guitar is played in the studio of Babajım Istanbul. Yilmaz Worldist and Connect directly with Ozan Arizona with tools.

Eugene Jelena's inspiration inspired by the talent and strength of women, the song "My only women," inspired by all the women who are trying to stand alone.

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