Thursday , August 18 2022

Turkish Doctor Develops New Technique for Achilles Tendonu Surgery


Turkish doctors develop a new technique for Achilles tendon surgery
Achilles tendon surgery that lasts 1.5 hours completes its operation in 15 minutes
Op. Dr. Tansel Mutlu:
"We developed our own technique with one needle"
"Safer and healthier than open surgery"
"Multiple closed surgery, patients recover in a short time"

KARABÜK – Karabük University Training and Research Hospital Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Op. Dr. A new technique developed by Tansel Mutlu reduces Achilles tendon surgery to 15 minutes with closed surgery.
Especially after an injury caused by Achilles tendon rupture, known as a soccer player injury, he developed an open surgery carried out in the world with closed and single needle techniques. Tansel Mutlu, said the recovery process was shorter.
He has worked as an instructor at Karabük University Medical School for 4 years and works in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Karabük Training and Research Hospital. Dr. Tansel Mutlu said that they have applied their own techniques to more than 100 patients so far.
"We develop our own techniques"
He said that the Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon of the human body. De Sudden breaks occur with small trauma called chronic irritation. We have developed our own technique for a long time in the Achilles tendon, which is why we have a number of problems with open surgery, wounds are formed, wounds do not close and patients struggle with pain for a long time. about 30 days to prevent the patient from moving to prevent clots caused by fatal incidents in our lungs escaping to fatal events. we do not block the movement of the trail, "he said.
"We do it with one needle in 15 minutes"
According to the techniques used by surgeons in open surgery, this technique lasts 1-15 hours, with their own developed techniques which have been reduced to 15 minutes. The advantage is that we use a single needle, closed technique, a set of additional materials and special needles that are developed, without the need for doctors in office conditions, we can bring this operation to a condition that does not mean that the operation is simple. time, 3 weeks after softening the tendon can cut the thread, while in our technique, we have developed more than one extra knot in the technique to prevent this relaxation. Thanks to this, let the patient move, "he said.
"We have proven with biomechanical studies"
He also expressed confidence in his technique and that they proved their technical strength.
"We made this biomechanical study at TOBB University. We compared tendon sutures and surgery in the medical world with our own techniques. We observed that our technique was 1.5-2 times stronger. We have applied this technique to more than 100 patients. We has proven our technique to be safe and have scientific studies. I believe that this idea will be changed with a closed technique. "

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