Sunday , July 3 2022

Tweet inadvertently damaged his communication with the Ninja


Tyler who moved from Twitch to the Mixer eme platformNinjaLev So far, Blevins did not want to interrupt the platform he left. Ninja's Peaceful Endeavors by mistake He said he was right broadcast error Because they are too effective.

Twitch struck his communication with the ninja

The mixer broadcast site, which reached 1 million followers in just a few days, is still on Twitch's channel. A scandal in this inactive channel brought Ninja and Twitch together. Electronic sports consultant Rod Breslau gave information about the event.

According to Breslau, those who went to the Ninja Channel on the morning of August 11, 2019 could not believe their eyes. The channel is no longer used by Ninja for about three hours Sexually explicit images shared,

blinking ninja

A well-known publisher who was notified of their own brand is damaged He said. Ninja has no control over published images, sorry, Ninja wants to completely delete the Twitch channel, adding that it works for him.

The influential operator also claims that his channel is the only channel used to promote other popular channels. Twitch CEO Emmett Shear rejected the allegations and made a statement: "Twitch, including unused pages"recommended contentIyor We try the mechanism. "

Emmett Sheer, who also apologized to the Ninja, concluded: our terms of service largely disturbed. The account in question permanently stopped. "

Dık We have eliminated all published sexual content and are investigating how it is published. We had no intention, but there was an event that should not have happened. Without excuses. "

Ninja made a statement from his Twitter account, disgusting and very upset "It won't even be a problem if they don't use my channel to support others," he said.

Twitch, the old Ninja page, including the chat screen, restored.

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