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Unknown designer Johnny Ive, former Apple designer [Galeri]


apple chief designer Johnny Ive, has recently announced that he has left the company. After the surprising division Ive's designs, other than Apple, began to appear.

Sir has been producing an original Apple design for over 20 years. Johnny IveRecently, he ended his 20-year association with Apple to set up his own company. Continuously adding value to Apple with its projects Johnny Ive, only a lot of people iPhone, iPod and IMAC is known as the emblematic designer of such products. but Johnny IveIn fact, there are other projects. I made a whole diamond ring from the toilet and sink to someone who signed a different design. Here are probably five different products you have never seen before;


Toilet and sink


Prior to joining Apple, Ive worked at the Tangerine design agency in London. While working there, he designs many products that do not focus on a single area of ​​expertise. Working on many products including microwave ovens and hairdresser combs, Ive's most interesting design is Brian Drumm Flatliner Cut. It is also known to design products for general use, such as toilets and sinks.

Apple Macintosh Twentieth Anniversary Design

Johnny Ive

In 1997, Apple wanted to produce a special product for the twentieth year. For this purpose, the company turned to Ive's designer hands and produced the product as a "special production. The first label of the product offered for sale at a high price is considered as $ 7,000,499. This figure is equivalent to $ 12,000 for now. In addition, six months after the release of the unpopular price of the product was reduced to $ 3 thousand 500.

Leica camera

Known for its quality in 2013 Leica They may have designed the most expensive camera. Since the Leica digital rangefinder has been sold for a total of $ 1 million 800 in donations funded globally to prevent epidemics such as tuberculosis and malaria.

Hockey Mouse Mouse

This mouse, designed by Jony Ive for the 1998 iMac G3, which looks different from the previous ones, looks pretty sweet. This mouse, which resembles a hockey disk, is not as popular as a computer, but we can say that it has spoken quite a lot for that period.

Stylish ring of diamonds

This stylish ring, made together with Mark Newman, is made entirely of diamonds. Ive, which proved to be another line, designed this ring for RED. As you know, RED is a non-profit organization that is fighting HIV / AIDS in Africa. We know that Apple also sometimes releases support products for this organization under the name RED and donates some of its revenue. The ring has gone through a very painful process but has a very elegant design. The product was sold at auction in December and sold for $ 250,000. The ring is also cut to the user.

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