Sunday , June 20 2021

Valentine's Description by Itir Esen: I want to grow old with someone

The name of Akun Ilkalaki, who was divorced in a session with maeyma Subaşı last year, is now remembered by Itır Esen, who was elected to Miss Turkey in 2017 and then taken away from the crown. It turned out to be business, but Akun Ilkalienne everywhere took a bomb from Itır Esen's explanation.

EYES did not separate

In recent months, such as the bomb falling on the agenda of Akun and Itır Esen's claims in Dubai, were confused. Finally, Itır Esen, who was watching Acun Ilıcalı on TV 8 in Eser's audience, did not look away from the media boss for a minute.

I want to age

Acer Ilıcalı with the Survivor Turkey-Greece deal for YouTube Itır Esen, a lover in his speech of the day, "Whether you are a family … I want to get older with someone," he said. Then the statement of young beautiful eyes translated Akun Ilkalya. According to rumors, Akun Ilkalai takes Itır Esen, wherever he goes. In fact, Itır's mother accompanied this duet when she had time and was pleased.

Who is Itir ESEN?

Born in 1999, Itır Esen is currently studying English teaching at the Faculty of Education at Hasan Ali Yücel, University of Istanbul. Essen began his career at the age of 14 and finished the Anatolian High School in Fenerbahce. Yeşilçam actress Itır Esen, whose biggest dream is modeling from an early age, is the name of the aunt of a beautiful model, which is included in many magazines and fashion shows. Itır Esen, 1.80, whose long stature has allowed it to be realized in its model of life at an early age.

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