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Voice Inquiry Screen YSK | Find out which newsletter to vote on!

Which polling box will I vote for? The issue is one of the issues citizens are investigating after the election date. Citizens who enter the SJC's website will be able to question the ID numbers and see which school and ballot box they are going to vote on. In addition, this information can be accessed from YSK's e-Government ulama and ulama Voter Query Mobile Application.



The electorate goes out; bearing the identification number of the Republic of Turkey; The Republic of Turkey identity card, temporary identity card, identity card, cold stamped official services ID card, passport, marriage certificate, military certificate service, driver's license, professional ID card gives the highest judicial body of the Organization of Judges and prosecutors, lawyers, notaries and military identity, the voter gives the number of official documents that reveal his identity without hesitation. Voters who do not submit one of these documents can not vote. (298/87, 91).

Identity documents issued and approved by municipalities and village or district chiefs are not valid for determining voter identities (298/87).

It is not the Republic of Turkey, which has officially introduced an identification number and an identification photo to use voters' voices, and it is also important to present ourselves in the following documents, such as the population census or information provided by the paper directorates on the electoral population.

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