Thursday , August 18 2022

"We invest around 6.4 billion pounds in 9 months"


ISTANBUL (AA) – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Koç Holding, Mr. Ömer M. Koç stated that they continue to make investments and new breakthroughs at all times and in every condition. We invest in TL. "found in the evaluation.

According to a statement made by Koç Holding, the company, the Turkish Koç Group of about 27 dealers held by the Anatolia Meeting brought together to exchange views taking place in Adana.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 300 representatives of the Koç Group in Adana, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Kilis, Mersin, Nigde and Osmaniye, Ömer Koç said that the way to do business and habits of consumers around the world has changed significantly.

"Fourth Industrial Revolution" or "Digital Age" as intended in this new era, but technology and countries using resources will effectively have a voice in the world, emphasizing coaches, as in the global table, Turkey notes that the new digital era is making them competitive to get important in the preparation of the environment.

Koç said, "In this context, I believe that our country will follow fascinating developments and changes in the world and we will have a bright and modern future so long as we can increase the generation that will shape it." "expression used.

– "Our achievements are the result of our love and dedication to our country and our people"

The coach, Vehbi Koç: "I have if my country is also my democracy if we all have" Since the establishment of the community in the light of promises to lead Turkey's economic and social development, the value reported that focuses on added value.

"We always continue investment and new breakthroughs in all situations, without courage, courage and responsibility." Using Koç's expression, found in the following evaluation:

"We have struggled to be a driving force in the development of our country. I have recognized our success for more than 90 years as a result of our love and dedication to our country and our people. We believe that our success is not the company or product we create, but the values ​​that we represent with our strong reputation and stability We see how important and irreplaceable our values ​​are and our commitment to the principles and revolution of the secular republic is the most important and inseparable element of the Turkish business world. aim for the best and work with determination. "

– "Our combined turnover is equivalent to 7% of national income"

Noting that despite economic and political fluctuations in Turkey and abroad, the Koç Group continues to be the most investor in the country's industry.

"We invest around TL 6.4 billion in 9 months this year to invest around TL 35 billion in the past 5 years. While maintaining our investment, we keep our financial structure intact, and continue to attach special interests to our risk management system. we see that obtaining joint interests created by our group's turnover, Turkey is equivalent to 7 percent of national income.Our company realizes 10 percent of our country's exports. happily, this year lasts four in our company in the top 10 in terms of turnover and export ratings .

We see how accurate our strategy is in diversifying our export markets during this period. The tax that we pay as a result of the income we earn is equivalent to 8% of our country's tax revenue

Trainers, private sector R & D investment in Turkey, R & D center numbers and R & D staff who stated that they were far ahead in the 2007-2017 work period reported that they appeared less than 8.2 billion pounds of R & D expenditure.

Ömer Koç stated, uz The market value of our publicly traded companies in Borsa İstanbul is 19 percent of the total market value. This is the most important competitive advantage of our Group. Dir expression used.

– "We aim to lead a digital transformation"

The CEO of Koç Holding (CEO) Levent Çakıroğlu states that business models change and change rapidly. .

"In the framework of our global vision and sustainable growth strategy, we invest uninterruptedly to develop technology, R & D, innovation, and human resources." use the phrase, Çakıroğlu, say:

Hizla With this target, we have started the Digital Transformation Program under the leadership of Koç Holding to benefit from the opportunities offered by digital technology in the most effective way and to create new growth areas. to further strengthen our company in a changing competitive environment and create promising new business areas. thus, the value of our digital transformation is also to lead the country in Turkey and we aim to add. "

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