Monday , June 14 2021

"We will play our game to all teams"

Speaking at a press conference after the event Ersun side by sideExpressing that they had a nice evening, he said:

"We played for 60 minutes and they played well after 60 minutes, and we had to play that rhythm for a long time and make a profit, and we also took advantage of Harun's restoration of a two-time game." I think the players showed me the reaction and the game is good. We played a very experienced team. There will also be a strategic match. "

player View Full Profile of Sadikthe performance boasts of Yanal, the match is for the judge,As you can see, an unpleasant environment in which the Referee has never been spokenWe just talk about football. I'm sure none of us talked about it before and after the game. There was no need. Because there are rules. The rules were clear and it was a clear game. It was a great game for both sides. There was no game to discuss. I am pleased with the performance of all my players. "

Oyun They must also reflect their games inside, says Yanal.This should not be a shifting for us. I do not accept that. Results must overlap. That should not be the way we played last week. Daha must play outside the field. We talk about this with our players. We have incredibly strong support behind us. When we see this support, we are motivated. Again, we thank our supporters.

Stressing that Fenerbahce will make the game more competitive over time, Ersun Yalal said:

The game we won in the Zenith game gave us much morale and played an active role in people's trust. Transfer Fenerbahce where it should beZ ".

Before the match, wounded and removed from the team Tolgay Arslancase, side,The situation of Tolga Arslan will be announced tomorrow. It's already well this week. He can get to the next game, but tomorrow will be clarified. Maybe a week may be 10 days, but I can not say for sure. I did not want to risk"found in the rating."

Russian journalist Martin Skrtel Janal, Zenith and former coach of Fenerbahce, Dick Advocate, forgot to answer the question: "We forgot too quickly the changes. . " in the form of.

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