Friday , May 20 2022

What investment instrument has earned what?


Shares traded on the Istanbul stock exchange rose 3.26% on a weekly basis, while the selling price per gram of gold lost 3.52%, the dollar fell by 2.20% and the euro lost 3.69%.

BIST 100 index, the highest 100,500.80, the lowest 98,374.47 points, after finishing the week 3.26% compared to the previous week, finished 95.634.78 points.

The sale price per gram of a 24-carat gold bar, traded on the Grand Bazaar this week, fell 3.52% to £ 252.20, with the sale price of the Republic of Gold dropping 3.44% to £ 1,682.00. Last week the sale price of gold for a quarter quarter of 426.00 pounds fell to £ 411.00.

This week the US dollar lost 2.20% to 5.6390 pounds, the euro fell 3.69% to 6.3250 pounds.

This week mutual funds grew by 0.30%, individual pension funds rose 0.47%. According to the categories, the most profitable among mutual funds was "Stock funds" by 1.42%.

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