Monday , June 21 2021

Won $ 55 billion in 10 years! After the 2008 crisis

Dollar billionaires around the world, especially after the 2008 crisis, brought wealth to their fate. Mark Zuckerberg was the owner of Facebook. In 2009, Zuckerberg increased its wealth from $ 3 billion to $ 58.6 billion in 2019. Microsoft's owner Bill Gates won $ 43.7 billion in 2009-2019. Renowned financier George Soros lost $ 11 billion over the past decade.

George Soros

$ 1.1 billion each year

According to data published by Bloomberg and Zerohedge, the wealth of world-renowned financier George Soros has fallen by 61 percent from $ 18 billion to $ 7 billion over the past decade. So Soros, who is also being discussed with his political activities, has suffered an average loss of $ 1.1 billion and a total of $ 11 billion over the past 10 years.

Mark Zuckerberg

$ 55 billion in 10 years

According to the data, Mark Zuckerberg was the owner of Facebook, which has increased its wealth the fastest during the same period. The founder of the famous social media site increased its wealth, which was $ 3 billion in 2009, with 1,853%, and rose to $ 58.6 billion in 2019

Bill Gates


In 2009-2019, Microsoft's owner Bill Gates increased his fortune by 86 percent to $ 43.7 billion; Mukesh Ambani, who carried out the refinery business, increased his personal fortune by 174 percent to 43.8 billion dollars.

In the same period, Michael Dell, who operates in technology, received $ 17.2bn, while media chief Rupert Murdoch won $ 15.1bn, and financier Stephen Schwartzman earned $ 10.2bn.

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