Sunday , June 20 2021

Xiaomi does not know limitations in endurance tests!

In recent days, Xiaomi President Lynn Binn with Redmi Note 7 breaking walnut was on the agenda. Endurance tests for smartphones interesting adaptations we are used to seeing recently. But Xiaomi peak level employees, endurance tests different dimensions started to win. Let's take a look at Xiaomi's new endurance test, which can be of interest to all of us.

Xiaomi Endurance Tests Attract Attention!

The latest videos posted by Xiaomi authorities, usually Redmi Note 7 concentrated on. The fact is that the company has made special efforts for this model. Xiaomi Chairman, Reddy Lu WeibingAfter the end of Lin Bin joined the rage of endurance tests. Unlike the previous video, test after It is possible to see the situation. Also more than others attention attractive can also be summoned.

Walnut with a fine note 7 that it is broken, stairs rounding, cutting board We have already seen that it is being used. But its use to shred the watermelon is a bit different. After the test issue no it seems. Of course, we do not recommend to try at home. Xiaomi is making a different marketing strategy how and how much we still do not know how to proceed. but against brand such reactions can be expected.

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