Friday , May 20 2022

Xiaomi uses the Apple video to introduce Mimoji


The feature of Xiaomi Mimoji, allegedly copied by Apple, has been the subject of controversy since the first day it was introduced. "Apple Stage," Xiaomi said, will open a lawsuit for those who are now also using Apple's promo video to promote this feature.

Earlier this week, Xiaomi announced its new phone, Mi CC9, and announced the release of Mimoji, a feature similar to Memoji on Apple devices. The company claims to sue those who stole Mimoji from Apple and accidentally used the promotional films prepared by Memoji for Apple.


Xiaomi to sue people who say they stole Mimoji from Apple

The introduction of the CC9 Mimoji feature on the Chinese retail sites and Suning included the introductory video "Apple Music – Khalid + Memoji". Xiaomi's response was revealed by a user of Weibo. Xiaomi said that this error is the result of çalışan employee uploading the wrong content,. The linked video was removed from the device pages after the description.


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The question of how a Xiaomi employee accidentally put this video, which was released in February with many Apple logos, remains a mystery. Xiaomi's persistent stance that it has not stole Mimoji from Apple's Memoji continues. Apple introduced Memoji for the first time in 2017 with iPhone X with a TrueDepth camera.

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