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ZET ZLE Fenerbahce Zenit ma gene zet images

UEFA Europa League The last 32 rounds of our Fenerbahçe players, the Russian team called Zenith. Fenerbahce was a 1-0 winner in the match.

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Fenerbahce won a goal after 21 minutes, scored by Islam Slimani. The silent Golt, after Zenith's broadcast, is blessed.

Kadyeh won the first win by winning a lucrative Fenerbahce result, Zenit rvan man 21st February Perembe gn TS 20: 55 will play. Sar card grerek punishment from the state of Mauricio Isla, rvan manda can not bear shape.

Technical Diary Fenerbahce Erson Lateral, UEFA Europa League last 32 rounds of the first Russian representative of the mandate against Zenith, the first 11 went to 8 deiiklie.

lal stadium in the car played in the country Sports Toto Sper League stikbal Furniture played in the league of Kayserispor mann the first 11 of the five mandatory 8 names changed.

Serrar Aziz, Mehmet Echichi, Nabil Diarr and Roberto Soldado are not included in the UEFA list, while Volcan Demirel, Roman Neistalder and Andre Awu are waiting for a substitution. Tolgai Arslan sacrifices at the end of the team.

These names have been replaced by Yanal, Harun Tekin, Sadick Ippnnar, Martin Skrtel, Matthew Valbuena, Mehmet Topal, Victor Moses, Slimani and Elif Elmas.

In the first 11 of the Fenerbahçe list, Tolga Arslan reads it. He played Elf Elmas in the top 11 instead of Tolga, wounded during his contract. Usually not included in the team, Michael Frey, Tolga was disabled and 18 people were listed and waited for a backup.

The new Fenerbahce transfer to Victor Moses, 11, was first found. Eukur New Malatya, Gzete and Kayserispor Malarnas in the game later Nigerian footballer entering the match, Zenit Manda was the first 11. On the other hand, Yassine Benzia, not included in the list of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF ) in Fenerbahce, but included in the UEFA list, is not included in the staff of 18 people.

Fenerbahçe Technical Manager Ersun Yanal, 9 players who received the UEFA list, could not use the Zenith Bison.

Roberto Soldado, Mehmet Echichi and Nabil Dirar, and Serdar Aziz and Miha Zachi could not be included in the UEFA list.

Tolga Cierci is also not on the UEFA list due to the courtesy of Carlos Kameni, who is not on the list, reported to TFF. Gene engineers Berke zer and Ferdi Kadolu were not included in the UEFA list.

Zenith, 2 months after the first official player against Fenerbahce. Zenith, who has not received an official 2-month clerk due to Russia's collapse, has played in the final round of 13 Aralk.

On the other hand, Zenith's new transfers include Colombian midfielder Vilmar Barrios and Ukrainian striker Yaroslav Rakitski maa from Shakhtar Donetsk.

Fenerbahce footballer Martin Skrtel and Zenit Luis Netto, the former team in the snow field. Skrtel, veteran defender of Sar-Lacivertl, playing in Zenith from 2004-2008.

Maa has played in the net of Neto while Fenerbahce played through the season of the game. Net, old-fashioned friends before the wedding were hungry.

Fenerbahce, the fans played in the effective ballad of Maa Olduca. After prisoner Fenerbahce, Zenith's prisoner was closed. Zenitli, Fenerbahçe's players forced to stop in the first half, while Vickort Moses' fouls, the yellow-lacquered tribune, responded to the reaction.

Sar-lacivertliler, Zenith's fortress to find targets as soon as possible, Mathie Valbune va Moses, the Russian team that protects advocates has made effective progress. Carlman took the ball behind Sadek's head, using Valbuena's 21th minute. Last Goal 6 Aralk & Giresunspor alarna gnderen Islam Slimani, Fenerbahce 68 grams after alarm sarst.

The first half of the game is a game near Fenerbahce, the last minutes of penalties, jade, well. Mehmet Topaln, Sebastian Drewsident after the judge's actions decided to sue the man. Robert McIntyn Kuland Pennant in Harun eldi. Harun again checked the ball back to Fenerbahce's ball and banner for the first year.

Carlmann 64% 36% of the first race closed Fenerbahce, the second half of the pace but control of the hand of the game at the bottom. Zenith, Artem Jübaayi, the ball at the bottom of the cloud, but with Martin Skrtel and Sadkapnar, the yellow-yellow defense played near the mistake.

Technical Director Ersun Yalan changed his name in the second half and put new blood in the game. Ersun Yalal, instead of Elliff Elmas Andrew Ajev, Victor Moses instead of Alper Potukyu preferred to take the field. Minutes of the continuation by the names of the gnn-alkans Valbuena came aside, instead of the Roman Neustadter entered.

In the second half of Karlman in Zenith was not given space in every field of the field, it was effective in this plan. Along with the last time on the pitch, Fenerbahce has achieved a lucrative result. Fenerbahce, who won 1-0 over February 21, is a joy to win.

Fenerbahce UEFA Europa League in a game with Zenith, the news came. Mehmet Echichi, who is not on the UEFA list, was officially banned. Sar-lacivertlilerin Kayserispor played with the game after the date on which the amil inaz & nin situation, which has been wounded by Mehmet Ekici, was declared serious.

Fenerbahce Kulb's dancing wash, "Mehmet Eichi Kayseri Mandas are leg's feet as a result of a coup resulting in the results of the vessel in MRI bone testing in a demo, two bada ksmi rupture and bleeding in the joint was detected, the treatment is related . " the statement says.

at the Fenerbahce Weekend Atiker Konyaspor is not expected to wear Mehmet Ekininin Beika's skin so he can learn a lot of information.

THE LAST FENERBAH AND STFenerbahce in the UEFA League Amateur League, Portugal, the Benfica team was eliminated in the UEFA Europa League. Dinamo Zagreb from Croatia in Group D, Spartak Trnava from Slovakia and sar-lacivertl with the Belica elite, finished second in the group after Dinamo Zagreb, recording their last 32 rounds.

Zenith, who made the technical leadership of Sergei Semak, increased the group stage in the organization by eliminating Dimano Minsk from Belarus and Molde from Norway. Group in Denmark, Copenhagen, Eka Slavia Prague and France from the elite Bordeaux Zenith, 11 points as the group leader among the last 32 units.

Missing Fenerbahce 9:There are 9 players in the UEFA team in Fenerbahce. Roberto Soldado, Mehmet Echichi and Nabil Dirar, as well as Serdar Aziz and Miha Zaitz were not included in the UEFA list. Technical Director Ersun Yalnal instead of these players on the new list given to UEFA translations Sadik Iftnar, Viktor Moses and Tolga Arslan prefer.

In addition to these Fenerbahçe players, the Turkish Football Federation has not obtained a license from Carlos Kamieni, but Tolga Cierci, who has long hits, is not on UEFA's list.

Berke zer and Ferdi Kadolu are among those who can not beat Uefa malaria.

Skrtel and Neto:Martin Skrtel and Luis Netto in the qualifying match between Fenerbahce and Zenith will give the former team. Skrtel, a veteran defensive player of Sar-lacivertl, playing in Zenith, where he played in the 2004-2005 season.

Luis Netto is a long-term exit from Zenith during the 2017-2018 season lent to Fenerbahce. The Portuguese player wore a season after the yellow-sea form returned to the old Zenith club.

Fenerbahce will take the field 229 times in Europe:UEFA Europa League last 32 rounds of first term February 12 Sal Genk Russia at Zenit Takimila on the pitch will be Fenerbahce, the European Cup 229 Manna Kachak.

In European Cups, the 44th season plays with a yellow-lacivertliler who plays in 228 karlamda 83 wins, 48 ​​draws and 97 losses defeating the field. In this case, the goal is 282 goals gnderen competing networks, the castle in the goal of 335 goals grd.

Fenerbahce can not easily be defeated at home:Fenerbahce, the European Championships for the tour in recent years Caddy spectacle is gveniyor. Fenerbahce, the Caddy European Cup to play in the last 16 tables only malabiety. In European Cups, the 44th season, Sar-Lacivertliler, is a 3-year course at the LKK Stadium in KT 16 European Cup 10 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat.

Sar-lacivertliler, September 17, 2015, Norway's representative Molde 3: 1 after defeating Ajax, Lokomotiv Moscow, Braga, Monaco, Grasshoppers, Feyenoord, Manchester United, Zorja, Spartak Trnava and Anderlecht were defeated.

Celtic, Krasnodar, Sturm Graz, Benfica and Dinamo Zagreb, who binds Fenerbahce, have joined the UEFA season in Europa League. In the last 16 Mata Nets, Sz scored 8 goals, including the Sar-lacivertliler.

Zenith is far from old GN:Zenit, who is Russia's representative in the last 32 rounds of League Europe, has been the leader of Russia over the last few years, and for the last few years Zenith is one of Russia's most important handles.

In 1984 Zenith won the first round in the Russian Premiership in 2007. Later in 2009, Zenith in Russia, in 2009-2010, 2011-2012 and 2014-2015, peaked in Europe in 2008.

Zenit, UEFA Europa League season 2007-2008 in the final team, defeating the champions Rangers with a 2-0 ambulance. Zenit won UEFA Spar Trophy in 2008 and beat Manchester United with 2: 1. In the European Zenith Cup in Europe, Dick Advokat was former Fenerbahce's technical director.

The Russian representative requires the most successful achievements in Europe during the 2011-2012, 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 seasons, playing the final 16 rounds of the UEFA Champions League.

SUPPORT OF SLIMANI:Fenerbahçe Technical Director Ersun Yannal answered the question of Islam Slimani, who was planned to be transferred to the chain but who was on the team. Ersun Yanal, "Maybe against Zenit will be a night footballer," he said.

As for Islam Slimani, ecek I have no hesitation about Slimani. but that does not mean kt will go.

RUSSIAN COUNTRIES FENERBA GAINS:Fenerbahce will host Zenit in the UEFA Europa League and in the last 32 rounds of the Fenerbahce Cup will give Russian team a third time. Fenerbahce in the UEFA Europa League between the last 32 units in the name of the printout, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons after participating in the same tour this season (2018-2019) will share a Russian tacky trump. Sar-lacivertliler were eliminated in 2015-2016 by Lokomotiv Moscow and in 2016-2017 by Krasnodar.

Fenerbahçe, eight times more than the Russian team in the European Carla Cup. Blue-blue team, 2 teams with Russian teams, 2 draws, 4 draws and 2 defeats. Russian tacclar 11 goal scored Fenerbahce, 8 goals failed to prevent the castle. Fenerbahce, Lokomotiv Moscow Cup, Krasnodarska CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow came to the snow.

TRK Zenith: Zenith, so far in Europe with the TRC team. In the 2005-2006 season, under the name of the Uefa Cup of the organization, Zenith dealt with the Beikta in the group stage. Ma played in Istanbul on December 1, 2005, finishing with a draw of 1-1. Zenith, after 13 years of running, will take the second time to take the Trk takmna snow field.

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