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14 winners of the Sawiris Cultural Award for 2018

By Sameh Al Hatib

CAIRO (Reuters) – The Egyptian cultural prize Sawiris has announced 14 winners in its five branches in 2018 at a ceremony Friday night at the Opera, attended by a number of writers, poets, artists and diplomats.

In the section on the novel, the category of the greatest writers, the prize is evenly distributed by Sahar al-Mogi for the novel "Misc on the Hill" and Nadia Kamel for The Born. The prize is worth £ 150,000 (about $ 8,350).

"Very happy," said Sahar al-Mughji, director of Reuters, after receiving the award. "Prizes usually attract attention to literary work and invite people to read it."

"I can always see that the writer is not a theatrical actor who receives a direct response from the public." There are works that can not be read or understood well in time, and this can happen years later.

"I think I'm happy to see my novel for such a short time at a time when I did not expect or wait," she said.

In the novels section, the category of young writers, Ahmed Al-Malvani won first place for the novel (Fabrika) and won second place Ahmed Samir for the novel (near joy).

The prize for the first place is 80,000 and the second prize is 50,000.

In the short story section, the top category of the book, Ahmed Abu Hayer won his Story Story (a passing man). The prize is 150 000 leva.

"Probably the promotion of the novel is bigger, but the interest in reading the story is still great and it will not end because it meets a basic cognitive necessity for the reader who has no time to read a novel," said Abu Hnehner.

"I give the prize for this day to my friend and to my late teacher Abdulwaab al-Aswani, the son of my environment, who first turned my attention to the fact that my family, my environment and my character are good for writing," says the writer, who was born in Aswan, southern Egypt.

In the award category for young writers, Mohamed al-Hadj won the first place in his stories group (no one was impressed by the city's cats) while Noha Mahmud won his second place (sitting on the balcony until Zainab came).

The Sawiris Social Foundation launched the Sawiris Cultural Award in 2005 to award outstanding literary works for Egyptian writers and young people to promote creative creativity and shed light on promising new talents.

Over the past 13 years, the prize has evolved since the Trustees' Council has added scripts and scripts, and in 2013 the Literary Branch has been added.

Mohamed Abu Al-Ghar, member of the Sawiris Cultural Trust's Trust, said in a speech at the 14th award ceremony Friday night that "the award has won a remarkable place in the cultural awards in Egypt and the whole region for its full seriousness and impartiality in selecting the winners without interference, "he said.

He won the 2018 award in the script section, the biggest category of books, Hala Halil for the film "The State of Love" and Wisam Suleiman for the film "Girls of the Rose". The prize is 150 000 leva.

In the category of young writers, in the screen section he won the Yemaki Akram Hatab Award for the film's script (paper). The prize is estimated at 80,000.

In the section of the theatrical text Mahmoud Jamal won first place (Cinema 30), and second place won Ibrahim al Nas (jurist and philosopher).

The prize for the first place is 150,000 pounds and the second prize is 80,000.

In the branch of literary criticism, the award is shared by Mohamed Talat al-Dundee from the book "The Revolutionary Vision in Egyptian and Korean Novels" and Mustafa Bayumi Abd-al-Salam for the book "Fate of Reading: Interpretative Approaches to Poetry, Narration and Critical Criticism" . The prize is worth 100 000 leva.

The awards included a number of Egyptian film stars, including Ahmed Dow, Yusra, Elham Sahin, Lila Allawi and Sherin Reza.

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