Sunday , January 17 2021

275 qualified for the finals of the Ras al-Hyma Prize for the Qur'an

Ras Al-Qaim: The Persian Gulf

At the 19th Session of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the Prize was adopted the Supreme Organizing Committee of the Ras al-Ahem Prize for the Holy Qur'an, the list of candidates for the exams.
Ahmed Sbayan, Secretary General of the Prize, Chair of the Supreme Organizing Committee: The Committee adopted the names of candidates for the pre-exams, 275 of both sexes, including 100 men and 175 women.
The contestants for the Holy Quran competition, the Qur'an race for women, Al-Dawud's Psalms and the hadiths will take the exams on February 1st. While the participants in the new Muslim competition are subjected to just one test at the same time. Participants in the competition of concern holders as well as the prisoners of the criminal-correctional institution also conducted a test taking these groups into account.

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