Saturday , July 31 2021

5 Tips For Women With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common health problems among women. Irritable bowel disease is one of the most common digestive problems and can sometimes cause serious health problems.

In this case, the British Daily Mail published a series of tips for women with irritable bowel syndrome, as follows:

1 – control stool
Fecal form is an indicator of bowel movements and helps determine your digestive problems. So try to monitor your stool and prescribe it to your doctor so that you can diagnose your digestive problems accurately.

2. Make sure there is no blood in the stool
You should tell your doctor if your stool contains blood because it might be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer.

3. Remove stress
Several studies have shown the relationship between stress and stress on the one hand and irritable bowel syndrome in the other, so stress must be freed to relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Exercise
If you experience constipation, exercise has a positive effect and helps alleviate it. Doctors are advised to exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week to relieve symptoms of constipation.

5. Probiotics
Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast has different health benefits, especially in digestion, so it is very useful to take probiotics either in supplement form or by eating foods that contain cabbage or pickles.

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