Friday , July 30 2021

A picture of Reem Al Baroudi raises concerns from his listeners. Does he have a disease other than its features?

Artist Reem Al Baroudi raised the attention of his audience through a photo of himself published through his account on the social networking site Instagram, and his face was pale and different features, after losing weight, caused concern from some of his followers and questions about his health. this behind him What happened lately?

Some sources close to Reem denied that he was infected with any disease, confirmed that he was fine if and all that was that he was forced to eat a healthy diet in the past period due to changing his facial features in this way after losing a lot of kilograms of grams .

RIM recently took part in the film "Halimo the Legend of the Beach" with Talaat Zakaria and a large number of artists, but did not achieve success at a cinema show. He also participated in the series "The Secret" with Hussein Fahmy and a number of artists, who were postponed the offer of the last Ramadan has not set a deadline for display so far.

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