Thursday , July 29 2021

After injury to Sherif Madkour .. 8 Information on the symptoms of colon cancer

After the spokesperson Sheriff Madkur said he has a tumor in the colon, we give you 8 information about the symptoms of colon cancer:

Weight loss.

2. Blood in the stools:

The most common cause of haemorrhage is hemorrhoids, but this should not be taken as implied, but more detailed examination should be done by the physician.

3. Anemia:

Tumors that are in the right hemisphere of the colon can not see the blood, but there may be a lack of blood (anemia) due to hidden blood, anemia in old age may mean that the tumor bleeds in the intestine, which is a symptom of colon cancer. ,

4 – excessive bloating and pain.

5 – frequent access to the bathroom.

6. Sustained vomiting.

7. Chronic or recurrent diarrhea or constipation.

Changes in bowel movement

The tumor develops in the intestine, slowly blocking the intestinal cavity and obstructing the flow of its contents. These changes can lead to changes in defecation habits such as constipation that have not been in the past, a tendency to diarrhea, a change in the shape of stools and gases.

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