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Ahmed el Sakha claims that his sister's madness is to avoid Dhahi's murder

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With details of the news: News from the women: the boy was born .. Ahmed al-Sakha claims that his sister is mad to escape the killing of Dahi

Esa "Isa" Ahmed Al-Saka "is fulfilling his plan with joy from May Maar and driver Abdullah to avoid Dahi's burning indictment" Mohammed Mamduh "and killing the Hadad Aljayar Izzat, and all quarrels before investigators after Safia's message, "Her brother and plan succeeded, but Abdul Kadir broke the deal at the end and told his brother in all the details to put Isa in a new threat.

Police caught Isa

Twelfth episode events began with hot events that Safia had committed at the end of the previous episode, and her brother Isa was reported in the case of Dachy's murder on the grounds that he worked with him in drug trafficking so the police arrested Isa also arrested Farra.

Farra managed to stand before the detectives

Isa denied in his statements to the detectives all the accusations that Safia gave him and denied drug trafficking and a descriptive accusation of suffering some mental disorders and confusion in thinking after the divorce and death of his mother and sister Kamar, and Jesus managed to save those accusations easily without causing any doubts.

Farrah could also face the questioners and explain her relationship with Isa and tell him at school that she gave history lessons at the request of her husband, Ezot, who chose him to study for her, so she hesitated and went to home to offer condolences to his mother's death.

Isa did not bear a descriptive accusation, and when he returned to the house, he stood up against her and admitted that she had killed Dahi, but she was accused of her grief over Dhahi, which was the main reason for Hamza and Luna and beating her.

Farah does not get rid of Rashuan's aspirations

On the other hand, Farah does not get rid of the pursuers of Rashuan, the brother of Azzath's second wife, trying to find the secret warehouse of the Ezzot to get the goods at the door and continue the drug trade, especially after the merchants promised him.

The events of Ould El Ghalaba's twelfth episode ended with Issa, who surprised Abdelkader's younger brother, knocking at the door of his house, telling him about all the details of the Dahi and Ezzat murder.

They have to work in two jobs because of the difficult circumstances

The series includes Ahmed Al-Sakha, Mohammed Mamduh and May Omar, Engei El-Mogaddam, Wabi Magdi, Edward, Karim Afifi, Hadi El-Gaiar, Safa El-Touhi, Ayman Salam, director Mohamed Sami and producer Sadek Al- Sabah. Isa suffers from poverty forced to work in two jobs due to the difficult circumstances she is exposed to during the events, especially her mother's need for an emergency liver transplant operation to save her life, the first teacher in the state school, and the second one working at night in Dhahi, and the escalation of events forced to do something contrary to His principles and the war between him and the ring of Tahri Drugs.

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