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Al Ameri: Yas's New Formula Circuit in the Formula 1 Award


Tariq Al Ameri, Chief Executive Officer of the Yas Marina Circuit, said that the circuit will show a new and different look during this year's Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, marking the tenth anniversary of the Formula 1 race on the track in Abu Dhabi after entering the race in 2009, He pointed out that this year's event also came within the framework of the "Year of Zayed" State celebrations in recognition and recognition of the role of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in building and rejuvenating the State at all levels.

Extraordinary events

"This year's race is very different from previous years, mainly because we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan," Ameri said, speaking before the launch of the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi 2018 Grand Prix. The founder and builder of the Renaissance State, where the public motto will appear throughout the Yas Marina Circuit, and we have found a tremendous response and understanding from the owners of the exclusive F1 racing rights to celebrate this precious opportunity to everyone's hearts, as well as responses from participating teams who expressed their sincerity to celebrate GD during the race.

Changes and additions

He added: "There are many variables and additions that will appear on the Yas Marina Circuit during the race, mainly because it is the tenth year of Etihad Airways Grand Prix for Formula 1, an extraordinary event of course, which will include many events for the whole family, in addition to changes in form and content, visitors feel the difference from previous years since he entered the arena and even during his travels indoors, and the team has made great efforts for a year to resolve changes that will attract smiles on visitors' faces, especially in hospitality and Gat wave forms and mass activities.

Run out of ticket

Al Ameri pointed out that tickets for Etihad Airways Grand Prix for Formula One, except for a number of hospitality venues, were the first time that the ring had reached such sales in such a time and before the start of the race in sufficient time, unlike in years. the previous year, showed that what the team achieved when sales The number of overseas attendances in this year's race was 65%, which is a large number of any size. This increase is achieved in a good time if we consider that the ratio in the first year of 2009 is not more than 15%, and based on We want a 50% interest rate for both public and overseas, and thus we have achieved equations that are difficult to attract more people, increasing the value of promotion and tourism in the capital Abu Dhabi.

Strong competition

He stressed that the world championship before the Abu Dhabi tour, after Lewis Hamilton secured the title for the fifth time in its history, would not affect the intensity of competition and race excitement in Abu Dhabi that drivers race without pressure and move away from possible team strategies and tactics. the time that the championship was decided before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and we have seen how interesting and interesting the Yas Marina Circuit is, where S. The top-level staff team handles the owner and assigned place to provide a great experience for those who care.

Ferrari with the Zayed logo

Ferrari is expected to appear at the Formula One Grand Prix with the slogan "General Zayed," and circuits have been placed in more than one place around the circuit, including the Sun Tower.

Four stars compete for the title in Abu Dhabi

Four drivers are on their way to the World Cup with the 19th and final round of the season. Groups of competitors include Sebastian Vettel and Mark Weber, with all of their points including Red Bull wins in the manufacturer's championship, and Lewis Hamilton, McLaren racer and world champions in the season 2008, and Fernando Alonso, who joined Ferrari this year after a disappointing season with Renault. This year's championship saw changes in the reward system, with the number of points awarded to the first winner being 25 Points, the point being the Ten anchor distribution, according to this distribution the drivers standings before the last round in the following form: Alonso in first place with 246 points, and then Mark Webber with 238 points, and in third place Vettel 231 points, and in fourth place Hamilton with 222 points.

The defending champion and fifth seed Jenson Button came out of the competition to win the title by finishing fifth with 199 points.

"The goal is clear, this season's race is fast, and it's not the easiest season for me," he said. But we are still in competition, and that's good.

We do everything we can. Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso are the top candidates for the title. I will do my best to win this race, but the World Championship still depends on the results of this driver. "Abu Dhabi – Al Bayan Sports

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