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Al-Ithyhad newspaper – «Gedimak Nadek» .. Comedy directed "Time of Goodness"



Abu Dhabi (Al-Ittihad)

Adebay Media Channel (ADNEC), the Gedimak Nadek Gaming Theater Series, will be featured on Emirates TV as part of the TV business package that is part of the new Ramadan networking program.
Gedimak Nadimik, a comedy comedy directed by Mustafa Rashid and Jamal Sakr, is in line with Abu Dhabi Media, which aims to provide meaningful and entertaining content that meets the tastes, interests and preferences of all segments of society.

«Time of Good»
The series features a contemporary work that brings the fragility of a simple social life that is not without comedic attitudes embodied in a group of elite stars in the bay. The tour includes Jaber Nghmush, Suad Ali, Ali Al Ghurair, Juma Ali, Musa Al Baqishi and Salwa Al Jarash. Together with a number of the brightest stars of the Persian Gulf and honorable guests.
The story of the series focuses on changing the technical breakthrough in the character of the family of the main characters in the series who still live with love in "Time of Good" and simplicity and goodwill, but they are usually confronted with the ruthless reality of the simple. The saying that says, "The plague is what laughs."
The events revolve around the character of Aunt Maria, which usually offers Al-Frye people advice and advice in all areas, but the paradoxes and misfortunes that resonate with the media, the press and the social media make them the heroes of these platforms in cynical comic book without their knowledge. Each episode of the series, which is presented for half an hour throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, is also connected and separate from other episodes. This work is related to his characters, their dramatic lines and basic dimensions, but he is separated in his stories .
The series depicts the simple human life that exists in every place and time, and in particular in our time, in its sweetness and spontaneity, which create comic situations told by the people in the neighborhood. And it depends on the same comedic positions managed by the characters who work perfectly.

Comic comic book
Miriam's personality usually advises and advises people in the neighborhood wisely and is usually persuaded to consult with Vakell for his business or marriage or to resolve his family's problems, but often other countries interfere with the neighborhood and the consultations end up with a lot of overlap . On the contrary, Mary thinks she has provided an inappropriate consultation, but she is successful and unexpected.
The media, the press, and the social media are impressed by the positions that happen in Freesch, the media and intellectuals are not released from unexpected landings for them, they are the subject of blooms and comedies, especially the character of Jacob. And her son, "Tarek," who became heroes through social media and comic comics, without knowing it until later.

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