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Prince Harry and Madagan Merkel meet with Moroccan King Mohammed VI

Prince Harry and Madagan Merkel meet with Moroccan King Mohammed VI

Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Megan ended their visit to Morocco on Monday with a tea ceremony held by King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace in Sale, near Rabat.
Prince Harry handed a letter from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth before the ceremony in which Megan, waiting for her first baby in spring, appeared in a wide blue dress.
Earlier in the day, the couple replaced their cotton and jeans clothes to visit a horse base and an efficient chef.
Harry kept Megan's hands joking while standing with young people to shoot and try some dishes like the famous Bastille pies.
Megan thrilled the crowd last night with an elegant dress at a reception organized by the British ambassador.
Megan came out on Monday morning with Harry dressed in blue jeans, a matching shirt and a khaki jacket.
They visited the Royal Horse Club in Dar es Salaam, next to the Royal Palace, where the state runs a program to support children with autism and other cases.
The next destination was cooking in Villa Desambansion, where cook Moha Vidal, who hosts the Moroccan version of the famous chef, serves food as well as children who get help through several projects.
Later that day, Duke and the Duchess of Sussex returned to dress, and Megan wore a black dress and a light jacket, and Harry wore a beige jacket, welcomed young entrepreneurs and attended a craft market.
The visit, made at the request of the British Government, was the second member of the royal family in the last years since Prince Charles's trip in 2001, and Queen Elizabeth visited Morocco in the 1980s.

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