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Mona Shalabi and improved Tawfiq

Mona Shalabi and improved Tawfiq

The Aswan International Women's Film Festival is launching its third edition in honor of three Egyptian and international film stars who, after two successful sessions, place a special place among Egyptian festivals.

At the opening ceremony, the festival honors Egyptian actress Mena Shalabi, German-American model and actress Barbara Bouche and Egyptian actress Mohsen Tauphik.

"A new chapter of the dream, the dream we thought far away, is the dream of organizing a festival dedicated to women's films in the far south of Egypt, here in the land of civilization and beauty, in the magnificent Aswan," said the director of the Hassan Abu festival El-Ella in the opening speech.

Here, in Aswan, the Nile Jewelery, we will spend a week living with cinema, film debates, production problems and funding opportunities, whether women will be in the focus of attention, both in the movies and in the forum? – he said.

In addition to the screenings of the film, the program of the festival includes specialized seminars and seminars, as well as a women's forum organized by the festival in cooperation with the National Women's Council, with the participation of some female actors.

This year, 32 films, including 20 in the short film contest and 12 in the long film competition, compete for the festival's first prize, creating a special competition for Egyptian films with separate prizes.

The jury consists of Egyptian actress Laila Alawi, French producer Jacques Bajdu, South African producer Gugolito Msalico, former director of Djibouti Swad Hussein's Francophonie program, and Lebanese Elias Mahlef, founder and director of the Tripoli Film Festival.

After the opening ceremony, the festival included a film "Las dos Frida" or "Alfredos", a joint production between Mexico and Costa Rica, directed by Ishtar Yassin Gotraris, dealing with the relationship of plastic artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) with her medical sister.
The festival will continue until February 26, the date of closing and the award ceremony.

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