Sunday , June 13 2021

Al-Ittihad newspaper – The optimal investment in artificial intelligence

In his fourth Annual World Summit, His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Ulamas, Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence, Director of the World Top Government Foundation, presented the ambitious vision of the United Arab Emirates to invest in artificial intelligence technologies. And work to hire them effectively in various sectors of the economy and services where he stressed the need for "concerted international efforts to achieve optimal investment in artificial intelligence that accelerates and accelerates growth because no country can succeed alone to activate its capabilities and to prepare for its challenges. "The UAE's call to coordinate and coordinate international efforts to achieve optimal investment in artificial intelligence is a deep recognition of the growing It is one of the criteria that measures the strength and competitiveness of countries in all areas, so the UAE seeks to strengthen cooperation between countries in this area to keep pace with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and to use it with high efficiency, especially with regard to the economic and service sector and the mechanisms of work of institutions and individuals and the different aspects of everyday life of all peoples in the world.
The UAE has long recognized the importance of investing in artificial intelligence as a need to increase its competitiveness on the map of developed countries. In October 2007, it is an advanced step in the process of locating artificial intelligence technology in the UAE and its benefits in improving government performance, accelerating achievement, and creating creative and creative environments with high productivity, and implementing them in different areas of work with high efficiency, invest optimally in our energy and use the available human and material resources and capabilities in a creative way that accelerates the implementation of development programs and projects. reaching the future. Create a promising new market in the region of high economic value, support private sector initiatives and increase productivity, and build a strong R & D base and rely on artificial intelligence In services and data analysis by 2031, government agencies in the country to accept artificial intelligence, in line with the goals of the "UAE 2071", striving to be the best UAE in the world in all areas.
OAE's investment in AI and its desire to enhance cooperation between countries in this area reflects their future aspirations to be a regional and international center of artificial intelligence, especially since it has all the resources that qualify it for continuous efforts in the localization of technologies. Or by investing in building specialized national cadres through the education system that began in the various stages of advanced technology teaching, especially artificial intelligence within curricula or through openness to successful international experience in the Ca artificial field, and strengthening the partnership with them. All this is becoming the UAE's most advanced position in reports that measure the implementation of AIs in different sectors, taking the first place in the industry to adopt artificial intelligence solutions with an annual growth of 33.5%, according to the Dubai Entrepreneurship Center. DITEC business of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority in December. At the same time, the first challenge of the UAE to the world's biggest challenge for artificial intelligence and robotics in October 2019, as the first country in the region to win this challenge, recognizes its pioneering efforts and initiatives to promote international cooperation in the region. The Field of Artificial Intelligence Technology and the use of its results to improve the situation of all peoples around the world.

For the 'Akhbar Al-Sahra' bulletin, issued by the Center for Strategic Studies and Research of the Emirates

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