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Al Mansouri discusses economic and development cooperation with France – Last Dubai

Abu Dhabi, November 17, (BNA) His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri,
Economy with HE Amelia La Grafee Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group
Aspects of French-UAE cooperation from both countries and joint efforts
To develop it in various development sectors.

This came at the reception of His Holiness a high-level delegation of Friendship Friendship
The French-Emirate Parliament at the Ministry of Economy in Dubai before HE
Abdullah Al Saleh, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and HE Juma
Assistant Representative for the Foreign Trade Sector and DIA Eng. Azza
Sulaiman is a member of the Federal National Council, and Hind al-Iwahah is the director of investment management
At the Ministry, HE King Rabbi, French Consul General in Dubai, and a number of
Officials from both parties.

This meeting examines economic development and development on both fronts
International and European relations, while addressing strong bilateral relations from the UAE
France at all levels politically, economically and culturally, especially with the presence of two people
One of the most important French cultural monuments in the UAE is the University of the Sorbonne
And the Louvre, and cooperation in many vital sectors.

Both parties discussed the possibility of developing a model of continued cooperation in a number of countries
Sectors related to innovation, digital transformation and technology
Advanced technology, supporting small and medium enterprises and companies
Modern and appear.

HE Al Mansouri expressed interest in getting acquainted with the French experience
Develop integrated incubators for new companies based on innovation and study
The possibility of connecting them with innovation incubators in the country to transfer experience and knowledge in this matter

Both parties agree to consider arranging business forums or public platforms
For SMEs and SMEs to inform UAE entrepreneurs
And France on investment opportunities and incentives offered on the markets of both countries
And the possibility of establishing trade and investment partnerships in sectors of interest.

In addition, the French expressed a desire to see more details
UAE's further experience in the field of women's empowerment and economic development
A balanced model that gives equal rights to women and men in various fields of work.

HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri emphasizes the importance of bilateral relations
UAE and France, which are translated into several trade indices
And an advanced economy, where total non-oil trade exchanges are recorded
Both countries in 2017 were around 7.3 billion dollars, while French investment was
About 4.5% of total foreign investment is received in the UAE.

He pointed out that the existence of two of France's most important cultural monuments
Both Emirates, the Sorbonne and the Louvre, confirmed further relations
That unites the two countries and the shared desire to develop and diversify the horizons of cooperation
To include all areas of development and achieve mutual interests.

He explained that the UAE had adopted a pioneering model in diversifying its base
Economy and tendency to increase the contribution of innovation in their products and domestic development
His ability in the field of knowledge economy, explained that the State had developed in this matter
A number of sectors are leading the development process during the next phase
Entrepreneurship and developing companies are key to achieving this

He noted that with France had a rich experience in this matter, there
Many fields of cooperation between the two countries, which indicate the importance of work
To strengthen communication channels between the UAE business community and its French partners
And to give them information about possible investment opportunities and ways to get benefits from them.

Amelia La Grafi said the UAE was the main partner
From France in this region, note that there are many similarities where
The two countries are specifically united in terms of the vision of development aimed at increasing possibilities
Entrepreneurship and launching start-up capabilities to drive the development wheel.

He explained that France has extensive experience in developing various business incubator services
Important development sectors such as renewable energy solutions, water treatment and development
Advanced and other farming techniques, expressed interest in sharing experiences with them
And develop a collaboration model that serves the interests of both parties.

He praised the UAE's experience in empowering women economically and providing a climate
Balanced and equal opportunities for women in various fields of work, taking into account their importance
Intensifying exchange of visits by institutions and authorities related to women's empowerment
Between the two countries to see and utilize the UAE experience.

Hind Al-Iwaha, Director of the Investment Department at the Ministry, gave a presentation on
UAE Economic Indicators, Growth and Sector Levels
Contribution to GDP, list of the biggest trading partners
From the country and the trend of foreign direct investment in the country and more sectors
Attractive investment, and sophisticated mattresses for the UAE on a competitive index
Related to the business environment and investment climate.

It also reviews the most important laws that affect the ease of doing business
In the country, especially the recent Foreign Direct Investment Act
And additional incentives and benefits provided for foreign investment.

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