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His Excellency Sheikh Haza bin Zayed Al Naqijan, vice president of the Executive Board of Abu Dhabi, congratulated our national football team after qualifying for the Asian Cup semifinals in 2019 after the victory over Australia.

"The White Knights continue to make a difference and achieve a great new victory," he said in his Twitter account. "Mubarak is very proud of his team and his gratitude to the UAE and the Arab public, who were present for support and support."

"With this positive and competitive spirit we can reach the highest point," he added.

His Majesty Sheikh Haza bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended the national team's match against his Australian counterpart, leading to the victory and qualifying for the semi-finals of the tournament. His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Khalid al-Nahyan, Minister of State Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed al-Jaber, Australia Ambassador to Australia Arthur Milton Spiro and other officials attended the meeting. It should be noted that this achievement of the UAE qualified for the second time in the semifinals of the tournament. Our team earned a deserved victory for the Australian team with an unanswered goal marked by the historic goal of the Arabs Ali Mhohouette.

The UAE has reached the semi-finals for the third time in its history since its first household in 1996 when it lost in the finals against Saudi Arabia on penalties, and the second when they took third place in the final version held in Australia in 2015.


Sheikh Nahan bin Zayed Al Naqijan, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, said: "We congratulate the Wise Managers and the UAE people for winning our national team and qualifying for the Asian Cup semifinals 2018. Outstanding with their determination and courage to raise the flag of the nation, which is the ultimate goal … We wish them success and success on their next trip. "

Under the guidance of His Excellency, the Abu Dhabi Sport Council announced the purchase of all other tickets for our team's semi-finals to give the crowd "White" loyal. Tickets will be distributed to the Council headquarters from 10:00 to 22:00 hours the same day.

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