Thursday , July 29 2021

American actor Owen Wilson refused to see his newborn daughter

The famous American actor Owen Wilson refused to see his daughter, who was born last October, even though his father was loyal to his other children.

Wilson did not see his daughter until now, although he was very similar to him, born with yellow hair and blue eyes, and announced his refusal to participate in exile or his visit.

"This is a personal matter and it is inappropriate to enter and comment on it," said Wilson spokesman.

The newspaper showed that "Owen promised Leila Varioni Vongsvirat's mother for 5 years, and carried out a DNA test to make sure she was the father of Lily's child."

On the other hand, Owen was interested in interviewing his other children, Robert, 7, and Finn, 4, although he parted ways with their mother, Gad Deol, and fitness coach, Caroline Lindkvist.

In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres to promote Cars 3 in 2017, Owen discussed his father's father and his pride.

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