Saturday , October 1 2022

American singer describes Trump as "heartless"


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Shahab Mohammed – Khartoum – Gulf 365:

American singer Katy Perry attacked US President Donald Trump and criticized him for California fires which forced tens of thousands of people to flee quickly, including many


In an early song Saturday, Trump blamed California fire on local government and threatened to revoke state funding if the problem of misuse of funds to combat natural disasters was not resolved.

"The only reason for large-scale fires in California that caused huge losses and people died was poor forest management, billions of dollars were allocated each year and people continued to die, all because of poor forest management," Trump said on his Twitter page. . There will be more federal funds.

Katy Perry republished Trump's tweet and commented that it was "heartless".

"This is a feelingless reaction at all, politics is not behind fire, all that is to leave good American families to their homes to find shelter during your Twitter," he said.

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